I’m not sure what to think of Eric Wedge.


On the one hand, he seems to be a likeable guy.  He never throws his players under the bus, he is insanely loyal (maybe to a fault), and aside from a few strategic things, hasn’t really done anything wrong.

Except only make the playoffs ONCE, one in which ended in one of the next famous "the’s" in Cleveland sports history ("The Choke").

Other than that, he really has accomplished nothing during his tenure with the Tribe.  Sure, Mark Shapiro has his back, but that’s his boy, why wouldn’t he?

He’s finally catching some national flak, and Fox Sport’s Ken Rosenthal now officially placed him on the hot seat:

Strong relationship with GM Mark Shapiro helps, but remember, this is a team that promoted itself as a favorite in the AL Central and finds itself in last place. Wedge, meanwhile, was the 2007 AL Manager of the Year, but that was only the second time in the last six years that he has guided the Indians to a winning record.

I like Wedge, I really do.  But c’mon, this thing isn’t working.  I don’t think a new manager will necessarily do the trick, but someone has to be held accountable here, and Wedge has been the constant for the past several years.

So here is my official call for a change at the manager position for the Cleveland Indians.

Not that it matters.

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