Remember when I wrote this a couple days ago?

About how we will start to see an influx of columns saying which teams should start selling off valuable assets in wake of sucking and not really being good?


Well has proven my prophecy to be true.  Here’s your latest column, this time specifically about the Indians!

A little snippet for your reading pleasure:

If Shapiro determines that his team isn’t going to make a run, then the Indians’ prospective free agents will be available on the trade market: the much-talked-about Mark DeRosa, veteran utility infielder Jamey Carroll, and recently-effective starter Carl Pavano.

He thinks the Indians as an organization aren’t ready to admit to the fans that they’re not a good baseball team and give up on the entire season (in so many words).  And why would they?  It’s June 4th. 

Give them a little bit of credit.  90% of their organization is on the DL, and although it is an extreme long shot, they are only seven games out, and the injury bug could hit the division at anytime.

I know they’re not gonna, but I want something to write about for the next several months.

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