Tonight is MLB’s famous Home Run Derby, and it is an old and tired event that I simply can’t get enough of.


Maybe even more so now. 

Check out this article from Homer Derby, spelling out a drinking game you can partake in during the telecast, if you dare.

Here is a sample of some of the rules:

  • Drink whenever Chris Berman includes a St. Louis landmark in his Home Run call … “He hit that off the Arch!” / “He hit that to Laclede’s Landing!” / “That’s in the Mississippi” / “That’s over the Anheuser-Busch Brewery!”  /  “That one’s to EAST St. Louis!!”
  • Drink if all Berman can do is go “OOOOOHHHHH … OOOOHHHHH … OOOHHHH!!”  Drink again when you realize this is an improvement over his normal schtick.
  • Drink if Berman says NOTHING during a Home Run.  It’s happened before.  ONCE.
  • Drink if ESPN’s new Home Run Radar technology is cool.  Drink twice if it sucks.  Drink three times if it’s a catastrophe.


And if you know anything about ESPN broadcasts, I highly advise you do this under the supervision of medical professionals.

And call of work tomorrow. 

Have fun!

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