What sounded like a dream scenario has suddenly turned into a tragedy that somehow nobody is surprised by.

How does this sound?

You’re the college basketball National Player of the Year.  You are the NBA’s number one overall pick, and you sign a contract worth about $5 million annually.

On top of all that, you get to live in Los Angeles.

Pretty perfect right?

The problem is, it is for the Los Angeles Clippers.


Blake Griffin, 2009’s top pick, who has not played a minute this season, is out for the remainder of the year with a bum kneecap.

Amazingly, Bill Simmons, ESPN.com’s Sports Guy, wrote an open letter to Blake Griffin in June, with creepily accurate prognostications on how Griffin’s career would pan out if he was, in fact, drafted by the Clippers. 

It’s a long read, but definitely worth it.  I box quoted what pretty much outlines the essence of the article, but you have to check out about the Curse of Buffalo yourself.

See, this is where they are wrong. The odds are overwhelming that bad things will happen to you until you leave. And you will. The Clippers are cursed. They have been cursed for 33 consecutive years. It’s a real curse, not a "Curse of the Bambino"-type hex manufactured to sell books. There has to be a legitimate reason why the Clippers franchise has been falling apart like Jon and Kate for three-plus decades, right? We’ve seen too much losing, too much incompetence, too much bad luck, too many freak occurrences. There has to be an answer.


Read about the terrible luck, potential curses, and supernatural phenomena that he believes has doomed this team, and here’s how he wraps it up:

Since 1976, the Clippers have drafted only one player who made an All-Star team as a Clipper: Danny Manning in 1993 and 1994. Think about that for a second. It’s impossible. It’s absolutely true. They made 38 first-round picks since 1980; you will be No. 39. They earned a top-10 pick 23 times since the ’76 draft; of those 23 times, 12 were in the top four and three were No. 1 overall. They failed to turn the first 21 chances into a Hall of Famer, borderline Hall of Famer or perennial All-Star. The 22nd chance was Gordon; the 23rd chance is you. The odds are against both of you.

Again, I would start running right now. But if you choose to stay, I have an idea: Trek into the desert like Jim Morrison did in "The Doors," bring Gordon with you, drop some acid and try to connect with a Native American shaman. Or you could fly to Buffalo with Baron and Gordon, find some sacred ground and make some atonements. Maybe you could even bring a white buffalo with you. Just make sure you do something. This is bigger than you. And us.

I’m sorry Blake Griffin, as Mr. Simmons outlined, you were doomed from the start.

And how crazy is it that Simmons outlined this seven months ago?!??

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