It really irks me to say this, because I really like J.A. Adande, but he really wrote a stupid column on

If Lebron decides to leave the Cavaliers after this season (which I don’t think he will), he sure as hell is not going to the Los Angeles Clippers.


I understand the theoretical allure it would have to him (huge market, business opportunities, great weather), but if there is another franchise that is as messed up as the Cleveland teams, it is the Clippers.

The owner is pretty much an 1800’s era racist, he values making money over actually trying to win, and is terrible to his fans.

Cleveland is the best situation if Lebron wants to win.  Especially if they go out and add another piece this year (e.g. Antawn Jamison, David West).

So if Lebron is about winning, he’ll stay in Cleveland.  If his motives are more financially different, that is a different story.

Just read my earlier post, Lebron wouldn’t touch the Clippers with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

(Get it?  I’m calling Donald Sterling the Grinch!)

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