How do I know this?

Because I had a dream about it last night.  Yes, Travis Hafner was in my dream.


Here is how it went. 

I was at a grocery store returning some kind of pickup truck.  Why was I returning a pickup at a grocery store?  Because I’m weird, I really don’t know.

Anyway, he struck up conversation with me, and he was relieved that he could still go out and not be hounded by fans.  I told him that had to be nice.

So he invites me to sit down at a bar that was at the store (this sounds like a fantastic grocery store, by the way), and somehow I built the courage up to ask him if he used PEDs.

He said no, he hadn’t.  It was his nagging shoulder and elbow that wouldn’t allow him to have a quick bat, and that in turn diminished his confidence, which led to his poor numbers.  Then I was in a helicopter and a building blew up.  Again, apparently I’m a weirdo.

I have alluded to the fact before that Hafner was one of the ‘roiders, but in the few minutes after I woke up, I wasn’t so sure.  Even this second I am less convinced he used.

EDITORS NOTE:  I am well aware that this is an asinine, stupid, and juvenile approach to form my opinions about Hafner. 

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