As it happens every year around this time, people in Philadelphia are wondering if it is time to divorce the Donovan McNabb-Andy Reid marriage.

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However, it is a little more interesting this year.

You see, McNabb is entering the final year of his contract, so obviously he is going to be seeking an extension.

To further complicate things, they have Kevin Kolb, who they spent a 2nd round pick, is waiting in the wings, and admirably stepped in for McNabb when he was hurt at the beginning of the season.

So the Eagles are put in the following predicament:  do they pay McNabb, who will turn 34 this year, hope he stays healthy, and hope he finally brings them their Super Bowl title?

Or do they cut ties with him, hand the keys to Kolb, and hope he takes them to the promised land?  He is only 25, and re-signing McNabb could dramatically increase the risk of losing him?

Of course, the only reason I’m bringing this up, is because it’s rumored the Browns are looking for a veteran QB, and new GM Tom Heckert came from Philadelphia, where he has relationships with both players.

I would take either in a heartbeat.  Do I like the idea of bringing in a 34 year old QB who happens to miss 2-5 games a year?  Not exactly, but he is a hell of a lot better than what we have.

What do you guys think?

5 Responses to “Anybody Interested In Donovan McNabb?”

  1. I think there is a 2% chance we get him.

  2. If they re-sign him, what do you think about Kolb?

  3. Id take both over what we have but… Good luck getting either to come to CLEVELAND

  4. Kevin Kolb played well when McNabb was injured, but I don’t think that he can handle being a starter on the NFL. Donovan ‘s season was good, but on the playoffs wasn’t. I think having a second opction is good, like Michael Vick but I guess he’s not going to stay in Philadelphia so..It’s hard because if you let him go and Kolb get injured.

    McNabb should stay, I like him. For me he is one of the best quarterbacks on the NFL.

  5. To the last comment. Mcnabb used tio be one of the better QBS in the league but hasnt gotten any better since 2004. He reached his ceiling yrs ago and this is the best time for the Eagles to trade him while he still has value. Kolb / Vick tandem will be very good for yrs.


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