Sorry about the long title, but seriously, this is an absolute joke.

As of Sunday, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson had the most fan votes at their respective positions, which would make them starters in next month’s NBA All-Star Game.

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This would be fine, if it was 2001.

You see, Tracy McGrady hasn’t played one second this year for the Rockets, yet his adoring fans believe he still deserves the spot. 

Allen Iverson started the season with the Memphis Grizzlies, complained his way out of there, then was signed with the Philadelphia 76ers as a publicity stunt.

He is averaging a robust 33.4 mpg, 15.1 ppg, 2.8 rpg, and 4.8 apg.  That is more than 11 ppg under his career average.

Why the hell do people vote for them?  Other than friends and family, who thinks they should play? 

Ray Allen got it right:  tone down the fans’ role in fan voting.

"I like the fact that the fans get the opportunity to vote and pick who they’d like to see in the All-Star game, but I don’t think it should be 100 percent"

If they in fact win these spots, they should turn them down.  I doubt that will happen, but there’s a pretty good chance they receive All-Star bonuses, and probably have incentives in their contracts rewarding them for All-Star berths.

I can’t think of anything witty and sarcastic to say about this, because it’s just plain old stupid. 

What do you guys think?


11 Responses to “The NBA: Where Over The Hill Players Who Have Not Contributed Anything All Year And Are Slated To Start In The All Star Game Happens”

  1. i disagree the all star game is not important enough , this aint no mvp award or playoffs who cares , get over it people like iverson and tracey mcgrady are more likeable ,mcgrady is getting the symphathy for the way he is being treated but who cares , iverson has earned his all star right a long time ago your either popular or not , the all star game is for the fans its a showcase , i gaurantee if ray allen was in iversons position he would not be complaining so he needs to be quiet he was not saying anything when him and vince were leading contenders for the second guard sport while iverson was still in memphis, its all star game its not a big deal get over it

  2. It’s not that they haven’t established themselves as NBA superstars, nobody is refuting that. What I’m saying is there are players that aren’t going to get the invite because of the reputations of McGrady and Iverson. Why shouldn’t the spots go to people who are actually doing something on the court?

  3. You writers really need to stop with bashing these two. T-Mac, AI, “over the hill”!! WTF! How can T-Mac be over the hill when he’s been injured? I don’t get it. Allstar game is what it is. If that many people voted for them then let it be. If its a popularity exhibition game then leave it to the fans and let them view what they want. Write about something else. You guys have wasted alot of time with these Allstar game articles.

  4. First, one small correction bill. Tmac has played in 6 games .. averaging 3.2 pts and .8 boards. Screams all-star material.

    Now to the first dude, YOU SERIOUS? Iverson is likable?? Well i guesss if you like DOOSHBAGS, he is. Iverson is a cancer to every team he goes too and is nothing more then a shot chucker at this point in his career. How exactly do you earn your allstar right a long time ago? He definatly hasnt EARNED it for this year. Dont even get me started on Mcgrady .. if you voted for a player who jhas played 7 minutes on the season, you should go watch soccer and quit watching basketball.

    The all-star game may be for the fans but at least try to put people in the game who are having ALL STAR SEASONS. I cant wait to see who gets left off the team.. good luck explaining to Deron williams or brandon roy that they arent allstars because AI earned his right a long time ago.

  5. I’ve always hated the fan voting. It’s a joke and guys who truly deserve a slot get left out every year. I’m surprised Yao isn’t starting at center (and btw, I like Yao so not dissing him). Let writers, players, and coaches vote for the starters, and let fans vote in 2 or 3 reserves for each conference, and 1 or 2 dunk contest participants if you want to give them a voice.

  6. why every body talking about AI and TMAC, if they don’t deserve to be in the allstar, whatabout kevin garnett, he been injured and there are a lot of player that deserve it better than him. so why no one is talking about him. please stop hating on this great players, WE WANT to see AI and TMAC , not rondo

  7. Ceda – im assuming it is being talked about b/c clearly they dont deserve to be AS.

    What about KG? At least he has played 30 games and put up decent #s for a good team while also still being one of the best post defenders in the league. Has AI ever played D? Can you name some of these “lot of player” that deserve to be there more then KG? I’d say Howard, Bosh, Lee, maybe Lopez, maybe Jamison… who else? I can name about 300 players (or however many players who have played more then 7 minutes) who should be there over TMAC. Hell, Jahwad williams has done more then tmac. AI and tmac are NOT great players anymore and personally i want to see the players who deserve (by there actual play on the court, not reputation) to be there. The fact that you think either should be there over Rondo, proves you are a very casual fan b/c anyone who watches basketball knows that rondo contributes way more to a team then AI or Tmac at this point.

    what does it say that Tmac was healthy enough to play a few weeks ago but the rockets coach pretty much said, No thanks and kept him on the pine.

  8. Aaaaaaaand Mr. Schuster just TKO’d the rest of you, with the exception of dean.

    And who WANTS to see AI and TMAC over Rondo?

  9. im not sure how many game KG has played this year but i know he is not having an allstar season season, dalembert is having a better year than he is.

    if yall want to talk about stats this years than KG shouldnt be starting crish bosh, jamison, etc should be this game is not about the best player, or who have the better stat, cuz if it was than KG should not be a starter. he is a starter for the same reason AI AND TMAC are, they are popular.

    this is a allstar game if you’re name isnt in it then maybe you’re not a star. maybe no one knows who you are.

    AI is the best little guy that play the game he is having a better year than KG, and he probably better if he didnt so much issue, (his Knee, and the offseason freeagency) and he is doing it while playin for almost no salary.

    WHY was it ok for MJ and Magic to be an allstars at the end of their carrer when they coulnt even play any more, but it not ok for these two.

    like it or not AI and TMAC are hall of famer, their numbers proves it, so stop hating

  10. and to answer the Bill Hudnutt /
    everyone in the world want to see AI over rondo, that why he got all them vote.

  11. You serious man?

    Dalembert?? C’mon man!! All 8 pts and 9 rbs. At least be able to back up what you say with facts. Not one person with half a brain who has watched a half of NBA basketball would ever say dalembert is 1/4 the player KG is. The worst part is, this is probably kgs worst statistical yr of his career and his #s are STILL better then dalemberts.

    Not sure if you read my previous post but im pretty sure i mentioned how bosh and jamison should be all stars… How exactly is AI having a good year or even a better year then KG????? KG averages more points, rebounds, steals, blocks, and shoots a better % while playing for a better team. So if by having a better year, you mean has more turnovers, takes more shots, and gets a few more ast… then i guess you are right. Again, at least go to yahoo or espn and check some stats before you come on here and post stuff.

    Then you wanted to bring up MJ and magic. C’mon MAN!!! You are talking about two of the top 5 players ever. Again, i see you didnt bother to actually check the facts on this either b/c if you did you would have known that even in MJs last two years with Washington he averaged 23 and 20 ppg, to go along with about 5 ast and 6 rebounds each year (at 40 yrs old). Now to Magic… his last full year he averaged 20 ppg, 13 ast, and 7 boards. Those look like all-star #s to me.

    Anyway, i think its fairly obvious that this game is not about the best players and is a popularity contest .. I agree with you. My point is that it is wrong. It should be about the best players. You or anybody else cannot make a logical argument as to why AI or TMAC should start in the all star game.

    Before you post again please do some research so i cant prove everything you say wrong with FACTS.

    OT – I suck at grammer and writing and i realize this is a blog… but damn dude, you make me look like William Shakespeare. Try using plurals and learn the differance between Your and You’re.

    Now im done.


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