Yes, that was an incredibly lame joke, but it’s Friday so give me a break.

But in all seriousness, contract talks between the Cleveland Browns and Cribbs’ representatives have been “positive”.

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Rickert said that no numbers were exchanged during the recent discussions, "but we definitely have a much clearer sense from the team where they see Josh — and an understanding that they’re willing to negotiate."

He said the ball is in the Browns’ court in terms of when and how negotiations will take place. He also said Cribbs’ agents understand the Browns have been busy reshaping their front office, including the personnel department.

Finally, some good news regarding this subject.  It doesn’t seem as though Cribbs’ ESPN field trip pissed off the new brass all that much, and everyone is willing to be civil and come to the table with an open mind.

In a completely related note, this is good news for myself, because my girlfriend bought a Josh Cribbs jersey this year, after buying a Kellen Winslow jersey last year, and she was not happy with how that played out.

And I recommended Cribbs for her.  Sign him!  To whatever he wants!

One Response to “It’s Looking Like Josh’s Crib Will Be Remaining In Cleveland”

  1. Never buy a jersey! It’s a sure way to get them traded!!! In the future, purchase a nice 32 if you need a jersey!


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