Yesterday, while watching the AFC Championship game with some friends, something dawned on me.

Why in the hell do the Browns not have Pierre Garcon on their roster?

image (image via)

If you are not familiar, that is a Mount Union jersey he is wearing in that picture, and unless you are incredibly dense, or geographically challenged, it is located about 75 miles south of the Cleveland Browns headquarters.

Or roughly 350 miles from Indianapolis.

Again, how did the Browns either;

1.  Not know about him, or

2.  Not draft him out of their own backyard?

He was drafted in the 6th round of the 2008 NFL Draft, 205th overall.

Due to Phil Savage‚Äôs terrible crafty dealings, the Browns were only left with five picks, and boy oh boy did they make the most of–OH MY SWEET LORD I JUST LOOKED AT THEIR PICKS.

Get ready to throw your computer against the wall:

Round 4 (105th overall):  Beau Bell

Round 5 (111):  Martin Rucker

Round 6 (190):  Ahtyba Rubin

Round 6 (191):  Paul Hubbard

Round 7 (231):  Alex Hall

Yep, you see it.  Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel drafted Paul Hubbard 14 spots ahead of Garcon.  By the way, Garcon had 11 receptions for 151 yards and a TD yesterday.

Paul Hubbard has not accumulated a statistic in his NFL career.  Seriously.

Happy Monday Browns fans!

(EDITORS NOTE:  Did anybody else see him in the postgame press conference wearing a Reggie Wayne hard hat?  It was weird as hell, and they never mentioned anything about it.  Just wondering.)

One Response to “Would Somebody Care To Explain To Me Why The Browns Don’t Have Pierre Garcon?”

  1. cool picks.
    Rubin is actually solid but i think they traded UP to get bell and hubbard. haha.


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