At the end of the Cavs-Heat game last night, Lebron James was fouled by Quinten Richardson, knocking the headband almost off the forehead of Lebron James, who was writhing in pain on the ground after the collision.

The contact didn’t seem very significant, but his headband had moved from it’s original state.

Which begs the question:  why does Lebron act like he is severely injured every time his headband is touched?

image (image via)

Since he has come into the league, every time his headband moves, he seems like he is in intense pain.  I understand that it would indicate he has been hit in the head, but on more than one occasion you can clearly see he wasn’t hit hard at all.

Yet if that headband moves one iota, it seems like his life is at stake.

Is this thing like Superman’s cape?  Or since he’s a huge Batman fan, his utility belt?

We covered this on “What’s Goin’ On” this morning, Tom and I talk about this, and it’s just something I don’t completely understand.

I think it might just be hiding his receding hairline.


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