Kim Kardashian will be accompanying boyfriend (and soon to be fiancé?) Reggie Bush in Miami for his trip to the Super Bowl in a couple weeks.

Of course her safety is priority number one, which is why she will be touring the city in this behemoth of a vehicle, the  Vault XXL2 Armor Horse Limousine.

image (image via)

Yes, Ms. Kardashian will be riding around in a paddy wagon/RV/semi-truck, which makes total sense, since everybody is out to get her, and she needs a vehicle that is pretty much military grade.

This is great news for me, since I have recently become a huge fan of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, and I’m gonna need that show to stick around for awhile (next week’s actually looks pretayyyyyyy good).

Co-worker and former biology lab partner Boone has another theory as to why she needs this particular ride:

“She needs something that big to fit that humongous ace”.

Just think of Billy Madison when reading that statement.

2 Responses to “Don’t Worry Everybody, Kim Kardashian Will Be Just Fine”

  1. Worst show ever!! Can somebody tell me why they are famous?

  2. I don’t care why they’re famous. The show is hilarious.


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