I’m sure everybody has heard about the Greg Oden naked pictures.  No, I’m not going to post them, and I’m not going to link to them.

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Not that it hasn’t been said thousands of times before, but why do athletes do this?  What makes them think that these jersey chasers women they meet while they’re out can be trusted with these kinds of pictures?

Chalk it up to him being young.  He says they were taken over a year and a half ago.  But you know, he’s *ahem* grown.

I’ve definitely grown since then and learned since then you can’t do those types of things,” Oden said. “You have to know that everything you do can come back and get you.

Was it a clever double entendre, or is he just commenting on his maturity level now versus then?

Since I’m very immature for my age, I’m going to just assume he meant it.

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