As I’ve covered before, there is plenty of speculation as to where Donovan McNabb could end up next year.

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I’ve heard of many possible destinations for McNabb.  Cleveland, Arizona, Minnesota, and staying in Philly have all been thrown out there, but Philadelphia seems most likely.

Is it because these rumors start swirling after every NFL season?  No. 

Because a psychic told him so.

"I have a psychic and she told me; she said, ‘Good things are to happen in Philadelphia and it’s going to be really good for you,’ " McNabb said while doing his best Jamaican psychic impersonation. " ‘Just relax. You’ll get what you need.’”

I’m guessing he’s joking here, but with professional athletes, you never really know.

And all of this speculation is getting ridiculous.  He’s rumored to go pretty much anywhere that might have an opening starting spot next year.  While watching ESPN last night, they said Arizona is a possibility because Kurt Warner is expected to retire tomorrow, and he owns a house in Arizona.

Tons of athletes probably own houses in Arizona.  It doesn’t rain, and it’s great golf.  Donovan McNabb likes to golf, which is probably the reason why he owns a house there.  You think he bought property there as a part of a grand scheme to take over quaterbacking the Cardinals? 


He’s staying in Philadelphia.  Andy Reid said so.

Stop starting these stupid rumors.

(Unless it’s about him becoming a Brown, then I’m all ears)

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