The following is an interview with Hedo Turkoglu, moments after after beating the New York Knicks last night.

Here’s a transcript for you.

Jack: You came out tonight early, aggressive. What was different for you tonight, in terms of just setting the tone with your game in this game?
Hedo: Ball.
(Awkward Silence)

That is the best.  There is nothing funnier than watching two people engaged in a full blown awkward silence.

I can’t think of many other situations that are exponentially better watching them play out than it actually happen to you.

It’s funny that he picked last night to unload this internet gem.  Last night on my way home, I texted Mr. Schuster saying that I think Hedo Turkoglu would be my NBA counterpart.  You know, his game reminds me most of mine.

He then said his counterpart would be Greg Oden.  Because he’s always hurt, you see.  Not for what you’re thinking.


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