Security from the Blackwell Hotel in Columbus were called to the rooms several Ohio State basketball players this weekend, mainly because they were partying too loud.

Salt_Lick_High_School_Basketball_Team_1938 (image via)

No, Evan Turner and his cronies weren’t the guys getting rowdy, it was the members of the 1960 NCAA Champion Ohio State Buckeyes, who were celebrating their 50th anniversary of winning the title.

The players from the 1960 national championship team figured they would feel like college kids again at this past weekend’s 50-year reunion.

They certainly did, to the point where a fellow hotel guest complained about the noise coming from one of their rooms.

Nine players from the championship team were in Dick Furry’s room at The Blackwell hotel late Friday night when they got a knock on the door.

"We got a little too loud and one of our neighbors called the desk to ask us to quiet down," Furry said with a chuckle. "They sent a guy up.

Yeah, I’m sure they were disturbing the other guests with the rousing games of checkers and backgammon that had to have been going into the wee hours of the early evening.  I doubt these guys can even talk that loud, let alone make enough noise to warrant a complaint from a neighbor.

The only person from that team that could make any noise is Bobby Knight, and he wasn’t even there.  Jerry Lucas’ voice is pretty much nothing at this point in his life.

The only way I could see them making that much of a disturbance is if the most famous member of the 1928 team showed up, Greg Oden.


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