This week in Miami, Chad Ochocinco and a band of outgoing NFL players (Chris Cooley, Ray Rice), internet celebrities (Jake and Amir) and various other personalities reported for “OCNN”, or the Ochocinco News Network.

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At a party, Ochocinco approached Terrell Owens and asked him to come to the Cincinnati Bengals when the 2010 free agency period commences in March.

Thursday came the news of Chad Ochocinco saying that he wanted to see Terrell Owens sign with the Bengals. During a party in Miami on Friday, which was attended by coach Marvin Lewis, Owens said that he would change his name to Ochouno if he came to Cincinnati.

Few things here. 

  1. That is really annoying.  Not only is “Ochocinco” one of the lamer tactics to gain attention in recent memory, he’s not what he used to be.
  2. Terrell Owens’ star has been fading rapidly, having one of the worst seasons of his career in Buffalo (he did have crap QBs, however).
  3. These two on the same team will be almost unbearable, and hearing “Ochocinco” and “Ochouno” for an entire season will make me want to rip my ears off.
  4. Even though they may be past their primes, I still don’t want the Browns to have to go against that duo twice a year.

Do I think T.O. will go to the Bengals?  No, I don’t.  There is no possible way these two could coexist in that locker room. 

Cincinnati might be the WORST place for T.O. to go.

One Response to “Please, Please Don’t Happen”

  1. ha that would be the shit if they were on the same team! i think they will pick of T.O!


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