Yesterday I was watching “Around the Horn”, and this question was posed to the panel:

“Who is more of a lock to reach the NBA Finals—the Lakers or Cavs?”

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First of all, that is a pretty dumb question.  How can one team be more of a “lock” than another?

You’re either a lock, or you’re not.  A better question would’ve have just asked who they think has a better chance to win their respective conference.

Whatever, that’s not even the stupidest part of the segment.

That honor would go to Mr. Gene Wojiciewski, an ESPN columnist.

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He said the Lakers were “lockier” (he didn’t actually say that) because they have proven this season that they can win without Kobe Bryant, and the Cavs haven’t proven they can win without LeBron James.

On a related note, LeBron has played in every game this season, so that hasn’t been an issue.  He went on to say that the “Cavs are one high ankle sprain from going into a freefall”.

You know what Gene?  I’m one winning lottery ticket away from being a multi millionaire.  I’m one mansion away from living in a mansion.

There are plenty of asinine things said on that show, but that really has to rank up there.  Somehow Kobe having a broken index finger, a sprained left ankle, and countless other nicks and bruises makes the Lakers more likely to come out of the West than a Cavs team with a healthy LeBron to come out of the East.

He then went on to say that he still doesn’t know if the Cavs can get by the Celtics and Magic.  Even though the Celtics are 12-13 in their last 25, have health issues, might trade for Nate Robinson, and are old.

He also didn’t mention the Cavs have beat the Magic in both matchups this season.

Does this make sense to anybody else?

3 Responses to “Sometimes Sports Columnists Say Some Pretty Dumb Things”

  1. Cavs are the best and most complete team in the league w/ or w/o a trade.

    Looks like the Robison deal to Bos is done.. but really, are we scared of Nate Freaking Robinson? He is a chucker.. who may make sportcenter but is not making boston better. Boston is DONE. D O N E.

    The big three won their ring and now they are done. They have 4 players at the end of there career in KG (cant walk), Allen (cant guard anyone), Wallace (is now basically a 3 pt shooter), and Pierce.. who can still play but isnt an “Elite” player anymore. They have 1 Legit young NBA player in rondo.. who by the way may be the most overated player in the NBA. He is a good defender and can get to the hoop but the guys assits # are inflated b/c he has been playing with 3 potential HOfers.. he hasnt had any pressure cause he has been the 4th option… he cannot shoot and he shoots like 55% from the FT line. Back to the young players.. Perkins, Baby Davis, Bill Walker (yes, Oj mayos former teamate) and JR giddens are there only other young players… looks more like an NBDL team to me.

    How anyone can think Boston is still a contender is beyond me.

  2. I’m one felony away from no longer being allowed to go within 500 feet of a school

  3. this is probably the worst argument by an espn columnist i have ever heard. sorry Lebron didnt get hurt and has played in every game. wouldnt that be a good thing and not something negative. wouldnt kobe being injured be a bad thing because being healthy is very important in the nba. just my opinion. i mean lets face it if either player is injured when we play in the finals the other team is going to win. my simple point is that the cavs won a lot of games last year but seemed to lose to boston, orlando and LA during the regular season. This year the cavs have beaten the lakers twice and boston and orlando both look old with a lot of problems going on, so they dont even deserve to be in the discussion.


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