The Cleveland Cavaliers have made the blockbuster deal that has been speculated for days now, landing Sebastian Telfair from the Los Angeles Clippers in a three team deal.

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With recent injuries to starters Mo Williams and Delonte West, it was widely speculated that the Cavs would make a move to strengthen their short handed back court, and Telfair was their main target.

"Sebastian Telfair brings something to the team that was very unique–an ESPN2 documentary", said Cavs GM Danny Ferry.

"If you look at even the outtakes–the OUTTAKES–of ‘Through the Fire’, you will see that we not only acquired one of Stephon Marbury’s cousins, but one of Coney Island’s finest high school point guards of all time".

Rumor had it that the Cavaliers were looking to land both Telfair and Marbury in a family package deal, but Marbury has just signed a deal to play for Shanxi, a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.

Ferry was disappointed to not land the both of them.

"Sure, who wouldn’t want a back court consisting of Stephon and Sebastian?  But hey, look at it this way…we got the younger of the Marbury bunch–and he isn’t even the one who eats Vaseline."

With Delonte West’s pending legal issues, it was extremely important to get a point guard in house that could provide stability and maturity.

"Although Telfair has had a couple of firearm incidents himself, we see these as a non issue, Ferry added.  I mean come on, team chartered flights aren’t exactly the safest of environments.  Did you see all of that crap that happened in Washington?"

It’s not clear how much playing time Telfair will get initially, with Williams practicing today for the first time in weeks and Delonte West’s ring finger finally healed.  According to Telfair, he’s not even concerned about that right now.  He says he’s only here for one reason:

"Win a ring…for the King".

And that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

In the other components of the deal, the Cavs acquired power forward Antawn Jamison, while Zydrunas Ilgauskas and a first round pick were sent to Washington, and the Los Angeles Clippers will receive Drew Gooden.

Washington will also get Al Thornton.

4 Responses to “The Cavs Get The Final Piece Of The Puzzle…Sebastian Telfair”

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  2. Now the puzzle is complete!!!
    In fact, I even heard the Cavs are changing the slogan to:
    “The throne has a heir…Telfair”!!!

  3. I like Telfair. I read a great book about him called, “Jump.” He’s real cool with LeBron going back to AAU. It will be interesting to see how Jamison fits in.

  4. Doesn’t change the fact that he sucks.


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