Tiger Woods is set to speak with the media in less than 12 hours, for the first time since the absolute demolition of his personal character.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Tiger.  It has nothing to do with recent events, it’s just that I never attached my alleigances to him like most sports fans have.

However, I feel I could relate to him when it came to his relationship with his father. 

I have a perfect relationship with my Dad.  He has been there for me through thick and thin, through every stage of my life.  I can go to him with anything, and an eternity wouldn’t be enough time to possibly thank him for everything he has done for me.

I feel like Tiger and his father had a similar relationship, and Nike brilliantly portrayed this in a 2006 commercial.

Obviously, I didn’t grow up to be the greatest golfer of all time, but my father raised me right.  He taught me right from wrong, how to treat people, and how to be a contributing member of society.

Sure, Tiger has made mistakes.  All of us have.  His misjudgments have been made by millions of people, so don’t automatically discard him.  Let him try to redeem himself.  The point of life is to learn from our mistakes and pass on our knowledge to our next of kin.

I feel like my father has done that.  He has done everything in his power to mold me into the person he envisioned me to be (hopefully I’m in the ballpark).  Dad, I love you, and thank you for instilling your values and morals into me, and hopefully I can do the same for my kids (your grandchildren…and I’m not talking about the dog!)

So before everyone judges Tiger on the carefully placed words that are about to be laid in front of him, just remember this man has been through a lot.  And although he hasn’t used the best judgement, remember he is just a man, and like the rest of us, he should be given his chance at redemption.

Winning the Masters certainly couldn’t hurt!

One Response to “My Favorite Commercial Of All Time”

  1. Nice post.

    However, Tiger is NOT “Just a man” or like the rest of us. Dude is going to go down as the “the best EVER” golfer. I dont know about you but im pretty sure im not going to go down as the best EVER at anything. (cept maybe being a smarta** a-hole) and my stacks wil never approach a Billion. But I see what your saying… he f’ed up and now its time to move on. While not exactly the same… Vick has been forgiven, as have most of the baseball players who admitted to cheating the game. Tiger will be too.

    I do think he has made it worse by disapearing for 3 months though.


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