For some reason, this is all the rage in the basketball universe.

I had an earlier post about how Dwight Howard set the world record for the longest shot made while sitting, then some kid breaking it minutes later.

Something tells me this record might stick around for awhile.  And who made the shot?  My buddy Vince Carter!

Vinsanity is back baby!

I do have to give him his credit here, that really is an unbelievable shot.  That shot is ridiculously hard to make standing up.

The sad thing is that this is his best highlight in about two years.  Sad, not surprising.

Think Ed Cota filmed it?

2 Responses to “The Newest Trend: Sitting Down And Seeing How Far Of A Shot You Can Make”

  1. tom – you cannot throw that far.

  2. not sitting down.


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