Have you guys heard of this whole Tiger Woods thing?  Turns out he cheated on his wife, like a lot!

Howard Stern would like to help some of these women out; by exploiting them and having them perform in a beauty contest.  Four have agreed so far.

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When Mr Stern first announced the idea of the pageant, he said that it would take place only if more than three women responded. All of them had to have been named in news publications as lovers of the golfer.

The prize money for Mr Stern’s pageant will be supplied by AshleyMadison.com, a “discreet dating service” company. The site, which has 4.5 million users, advertises itself with the slogan “Life is Short, Have an Affair”.

Fortunately for the other contestants, the first reported mistress, Rachel Uchitel is ineligible to participate because of the confidentiality agreement she signed with Woods and his representatives.

This has to be one of the saddest beauty pageants in history.  However, it is a way for the girls to get paid, not all of them were lucky enough to reach a settlement.

This is a second chance of sorts for Jamie Grubbs, since she missed out on the $100,000 grand prize on the first season of “Tool Academy”.

How awesome would it be if Elin took Tiger to “Tool Academy”?  I would honestly pay at least $10 an episode to tune in.  Once the contestants are announced, I’ll post pictures, and we can all try to predict the “winner”.

(Ed. Note:  Just read this over again, I love how AshleyMadison.com calls itself a “discreet dating service”.  Yes, the slogan “Life is Short, Have an Affair” is veeeeeeeerrry discreet.)

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