To bat second.

Uh, what?

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Reportedly, Grady will be giving up his leadoff spot for the 2010 season, and Asdrubal Cabrera will assume the duties.

Look, most Tribe fans are all for Sizemore not batting leadoff, but the consensus would probably prefer him to bat third.  You know, so the team could actually benefit from his power.  Of course the Indians aren’t making the right move, why would they?

I wouldn’t have a problem with Cabrera hitting first, but I think Michael Brantley should take the leadoff spot, with Cabrera second, and Sizemore third.  That is probably what 99% of people who actually pay attention to the Indians would like new manager Manny Acta to do.

However, Acta doesn’t want to put pressure on Brantley.  He doesn’t want to put pressure on a young player on a young team that won’t be contending in 2010.  If there was a perfect situation for Brantley to get his feet wet, this would be the ideal situation.  Acta feels it’s too much for him.

I don’t know if I like how this regime is starting.

5 Responses to “Grady Sizemore Is Finally Out Of The Leadoff Spot”

  1. The indians are definately rebuilding but the cupboard is not bare… But the only way fans are going to care is if they actually play the youngsters and not 30 something year old scrubs…

    I dont know how I feel about Brantley (22).. he did hit over .300 when he was here, but he also had just 4 extra base hits in over 110 ABs. He doesnt need to hit bombs but he needs to at least have some gap power.

    I think Laporta (25) barring injury is going to approach 25-30 bombs. He can flat out hit. Carlos Santana (23) needs to be behind the plate full time by midseason. He’s a switch hitter who has already won a minor league MVP and is one of the top catching prospects in all of baseball. If he can do well, it will ease some of the pain in trading Vic.

    Lets also not forget 2 years ago Sizemore (27) hit 33 bombs and stole 38 bases… he was being talked about like he was about to be a superstar. Personally, I like the middle infield of Cabrera (24) and Valbuena (24) and lets not forget, our best position player last year was probably Choo (27).

    Thats 7 position players all at or under 27 years old. So there is potential.

    The pitching however has me a little worried.

  2. In addition to your comments above, I would note that Fausto Carmona should improve greatly on his numbers from a year ago…I thinking under the guidance of Acta, Sandy and Belcher if he stays healthy Carmona should post 17 wins…if we are in contention I also see K. Wood being productive.

  3. do they need a catcher, Wook?
    Screaming Meemie

  4. hahah… Ok ok Tommy.. I have no come back for that. Damnit, I was 16!!

    But to answer your question… Carlos Santana is the catcher of the future and really should be with the big league club now. The dude is basically Vic Martinez Jr.

    he’s a 23 yr old switch hitting catcher who is known for his stick and not his glove.

  5. fitz…hopefully fausto can get back to his 2007 form. it’s like he reverse Rick Vaughn’ed.


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