Yesterday, the Browns traded a conditional 2011 pick (most likely a late rounder) to the Seattle Seahawks for career backup QB Seneca Wallace.

How exciting.

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So the Browns got their backup quarterback.  Actually, his numbers aren’t really all that bad.  He completed close to 60% of his passes for 1,500 yards, 11 TDs and three picks as an eight game starter in 2008. 

I don’t think anybody expects him to be a starter, even though you could argue that he has been more productive than Brady Quinn has been so far in his career.

I can’t help it, but every time I think about Seneca Wallace, I think of that one memorable play he made while still at Iowa State.

So what do the Browns do now, in terms of their starting quarterback?  Give Brady Quinn his chance?  Trade for a veteran?  Draft one early?  Draft one late?

I don’t know what I expected.  How dare I assume that the Browns will have the quarterback position set!  Then what else would we talk about during training camp?

2 Responses to “Browns Get Seneca Wallace…Um, Cool?”

  1. I think its pretty clear that Holmgren knows quinn is not the man to lead this team. I cant lie, i wanted him to be.. and although he hasnt had the best to work with… its about time browns fans start placing some blaim on quinn and not everyone else around him.

    Dont know about wallace but i like the pachios move — im assuming he will start on the right side and he has to be an upgrade over st. clair. I also liek the fujita move as we need some decent LBs. I’d love to see us sign Ben Watson to sure up the TE position as well as Leigh Bodden (who I think just resighed with the Patriots).

    Browns fans should say a prayer everyday that Berry drops to #7.

  2. *like


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