Here is the post that was briefly up here, but I was told to take it down. 

Fox Sports Ohio also took it down off their site, saying that I was “attacking the character” of one of my competitors.  Nowhere in this post did I say anything negative about him.  It was purely tongue in cheek, but it was pulled anyway.

Nastruthomas found a Photoshopped picture of another finalist and LeBron on his Facebook page, so I wrote a fake news story saying the two have teamed up to leave Cleveland this summer.  It was a good natured ribbing, and even W. Ross Clites acknowledged as such.

Also, for some reason, on the “Blog Sports Ohio” tournament page, they have made my picture black and white, and taking the links off Clites’ portion of the page.  I have no idea why.

Also—I was told that one of their business partners was not happy with this piece.  Here ya go:

BREAKING NEWS:  LeBron James Teams Up With Local “Blogger” For Summer ‘10 Departure

From the moment LeBron James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, many assumed that he would pack his bags and head to a bigger market when his contract was up.

When James signed his three year contract extension after the 2006-07 season, the city of Cleveland let out a collective sigh of relief–however, that left the door open as to what he would do when that contract would expire after the 2010 season.

It is common knowledge that the 2010 is the "Summer of LeBron", and he has put a moratorium on all talk regarding his pending free agency.  He does not want this to be a distraction, as he knows winning the 2010 NBA title with the Cavaliers is his ultimate goal.
Little did we know, behind the scenes, James has aligned himself with a local "blogger", W. Ross Clites, and they’re going to the Big Apple.  There is photo evidence to prove it.

One of my sources sent along this picture from Clites’ Facebook page, and it is CLEARLY authentic, and not Photoshopped.  This is heartbreaking news not only to the citizens of Cleveland, but presumably to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

The caption on his photo reads "Just like LeBron I’m having fun right now in Ohio, but behind the scenes we’re both planning for the big move to New York in 2010".

It seems as though the campaign will launch on July 1, 2010–the day James will likely turn down his player option and become the NBA’s most sought after free agent.

They have already started their campaign with a "LeBron and Ross" t-shirt, that features the New York City skyline, with the letters "NYC" embedded into what appears to be the Emprie State Building.  Although at first glance it looks like the shirt says "2 LeBron 1 Ross", it is actually a vertical "2010" placed so the zeroes are actually the "O’s" in their respective names.

The real wild card here is Clites.  He is a finalist in Fox Sports Ohio’s "Blog Sports Ohio" tournament, and he writes for  It is pretty clear why James chose Clites as his partner in crime.

According to his bio, he is an "Ohioan through and through", even though he was born in Kentucky, went to grade school in Pennsylvania, and high school in Michigan.

Everybody knows that LeBron is proud to have grown up in Akron and Northeast Ohio, so who better than to coordinate his future with a "true Ohioan" that spent his formative years in every state that borders Ohio?

It was pretty much a no brainer.  James had to find the one person in Ohio that would actually prefer James’ departure. 

He found his man.

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