The Final Four is set for the NCAA tournament, the Cavs split (and squeak by the Kings?!?!), Z returns, and rain sucks.  Let’s talk about the weekend:

  • Well it’s gonna be Michigan State-Butler and West Virginia-Duke next weekend in the Final Four.  Does anybody think Butler has a home court advantage?  Yeah, me niether.
  • The Cavs lost to the Spurs on Friday, then beat the Kings yesterday.  It’s a little concerning that they seem to be having a bit of trouble against crap teams with decimated rosters.  Either that, or they’re bored.  Probably just bored.
  • Z made hiz return to “The Z” to beat the Kingz.  Look, I am as happy as anyone else to have him back, but they went a biiiiiiit overboard if you ask me.
  • Ben Roethlisberger won’t be reporting to the Steelers’ offseason programs, which isn’t a huge surprise considering his situation.  Maybe “The Situation” needs to school Roethlisberger on the safe ways of going on creep mode.
  • This weekend’s rain postponed whatever NASCAR race was scheduled (who cares) and did the same to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.  It also postponed any activity outside.  Spring rain sucks.  That’s why I’m going to Florida on Thursday.  Suckers.

I’m back until Wednesday afternoon, then I’m heading to Florida until next Tuesday, so I’ll try to get some good stuff up here.  If you have any suggestions, email me at, talk to me on Facebook, or Twitter.

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