Defense, defense, defense.  The Indians need to play defense and pitch well to have any chance, and they didn’t do either yesterday.  There goes the four game winning streak.  Here are my thoughts:

  • When is Justin Masterson going to come around?  He is 1-9 since coming to the Tribe, and only made it four innings, and it took him 96 pitches to do that.  He had major control issues, walking five and hitting another.
  • At least Pronk went yahhhhd, bad news is that it is only his second of the year.  Maybe he should try to have kids, get on fertility drugs, and get his power back.  Apparently fertility drugs are the new steroids/HGH.
  • You know how in golf how there’s the ABF?  The “after birdie f— up”?  Maybe Shin-Soo Choo has the “after AL POW f— up”, he was 0-4 with three strikeouts.
  • Like I keep saying, the Tribe needs defense and pitching.  More so than other teams, since they can’t hit, at least not right now.  They came into the game batting an AL low .219.  Yuck, that’s ugly.
  • I know it’s a team problem, but this team goes as Grady goes, and he’s only hitting .209.

They’re still in Minnesota tonight and tomorrow, then to Oakland to take on the A’s this weekend.  They really have to start winning on the road, and starting out 2-5 isn’t a good sign.

Oh well, at least the Cavs play tomorrow.

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