So how many of you guys watched this game until the very end?  I’m not gonna lie, I was done with this one with about two minutes left.  It was absolutely embarrassing the way the Cavs performed at home, and now they’ve lost home court.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Seriously Cavs?  Although it’s not acceptable, I can understand why you may not have been jacked up to play the Bulls.  But this is your rival.  LeBron received his second MVP award before the game.  It is flat out appalling you guys came out with that level of effort.
  • I still don’t know exactly how much I believe LeBron’s elbow hurts, but a player of his caliber needs to play through that. 
  • And when I say play through it, I mean take more than 15 shots.  Make your presence on the court known.
  • Speaking of people needing to show up, hello Mo Williams!  Four points on 1-9 shooting?  Not only was he dreadful offensively, Rajon Rondo put on a clinic, much in the same way Derrick Rose did in the first round.
  • Hey, Doc Rivers, that was a textbook jump stop by LeBron James.  Not a “crab dribble”, not a travel.  Quit playing up the cameras by acting like you’re counting his steps.
  • You have to give Boston credit here, they played a terrific game.  Kevin Garnett was scoring at will with Antawn Jamison on him, Rondo was carving through the defense, and Rasheed Wallace traveled back to 2004 and shot the lights out.  The Celtics played as well as the Cavs did bad.
  • Like Mr. Schuster BBM’ed me last night:  the Cavs need to go small.  They need to run on this older team.  If they try to make this a half court game, they have to hit their shots.  Since they were ice cold, they needed to adjust and get up and down the court.  J.J. came in WAY too late.

Due to the fantastic NBA Playoff schedule makers, the Cavs don’t play again until Friday, so be ready for three more days of LeBron’s elbow, whether or not they’re “in trouble”, and whether LeBron will stay or leave depending on the outcome of this season.

Can’t wait for that!

3 Responses to “Celtics 104, Cavs 86”

  1. That third quarter looked like a bunch of us playing on a saturday morning after drinking the entire night friday… WTF? How do you come out that flat in a playoff game?

    Does Mike Brown coach? I mean he always has that same dumbass look on his face.. i try my hardest not to hate on him but i really dont think he is a good coach and this isnt the first time ive said it. Why does it take him so long to make a substitution??Andy and Shaq were in way to long… shaq couldnt hit shit and andy was obviously frustrated and was commiting some dumb fouls. Why does he let teams go on 11-0, 12-0, 13-0 runs??? The cavs went on a 6-0 run and Doc Rivers immediatly took a TO. Why would they not go small?? The Celts are an older team, we couldnt hit shit in the half-court, we have a very deep roster, why not go small?? Im not a basketball coach, but am i missing something here??? Doesnt going small make sense… get some easy buckets, take advatage of the Celts old legs, get the crowd involved, etc.. Does this not make sense??? Someone please tell me im an idiot… cause either I am or the guy who is being paid to coach the Cavs is. While i do think Brown is in the bottom 3rd of nba coaches it isnt his fault his team couldnt hit shots or FTs.

    Obviously as a fan i am pissed but it is just 1 game. I still think they had a little MVP party and all got super slaughtered the night before… this is the only excuse. With that, I still believe they will win the title and i know they can win in boston. sucks we have to wait until friday.

  2. Ive been arguing “the travel” all day… this is strait out of the nba rulebook

    NBA Rule Book: “A progressing player who jumps off one foot on the first step may land with both feet simultaneously for the second step. In this situation, the player may not pivot with either foot and if one or both feet leave the floor the ball must be released before either returns to the floor.”

    It was not a travel.

  3. THANK YOU. It’s so annoying. Me and Po taught our kids to do that the very first day of practice.


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