It’s May 14th, and the NBA season is finished in Cleveland.  Let’s not speculate on LeBron’s future, because we’re going to be hearing about it CONSTANTLY for the next two months.  It’s only fitting it’s an ugly day here today.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Sure, LeBron had a triple double, but some of his turnovers were inexplicable.  Forcing pick and rolls, lazy skip passes, trying to pass in confined spaces, he just looked out of sorts.
  • Seriously, NINE turnovers?  In the biggest game of your career?  It’s not like it was just LeBron’s problem, since the team turned it over 22 times.  So frustrating.
  • Antawn Jamison played like garbage, scoring five points and being absolutely dominated by KG on the other end. 
  • Too little, too late Mo Williams.  You were nothing through the first five games of the series, then scored 20 in the first half last night.  A little more consistency could’ve gone a long way.  So thanks for that!
  • Sayonara, Mike Brown.  It really takes a lot to be outcoached by Doc Rivers.  Seriously, it’s borderline impressive.
  • So who is the Cavs’ next coach?  If I were Dan Gilbert, I would throw upwards of $30 million at Phil Jackson or Gregg Popovich.  That would be a nice carrot to dangle in front of LeBron to keep him.
  • Mr. Schuster told me in an email this morning that Mike Brown should’ve been fired at the postgame press conference.

Is Cleveland really cursed?  I’m still not buying it.  But to the other millions of cynics out there, this is all you’ll be hearing about.  At least we have an entire summer of exciting Indians baseball!

Wait, what’s that?  They suck and are no fun to watch?  Crap.  Browns training camp starts in July!


One Response to “Celtics 94, Cavs 85”

  1. I really dont know why Brown still has a job… He was clueless all series.

    I’d have to say this was the most disapointing sports season of my life… I really thought these cats were going to at least get to the ship.


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