How was your first weekend of 2010 without Cavaliers basketball?  Yeah, not the best.  That doesn’t mean plenty didn’t go on.  Let’s talk about it.

  • The Celtics showed the Orlando Magic that they’re not quiiiiite ready to go to the glue factory, beating the home team 92-88.  Who would’ve thought Rasheed Wallace would be the guy to neutralize Dwight Howard?  The Magic’s effort for the first three quarters of that game were as pathetic as any of the Cavs’ effort in games 4-6 of the semis.
  • The Tribe is showing signs of life, taking two of three against the Orioles.  Russell Branyan might be finding his swing, and Jake Westbrook looked good in his complete game victory yesterday.  By the way, is Travis Hafner alive?
  • It’s being rumored that NBA “power broker” Worldwide Wes is shopping LeBron James and John Calipari as a package deal to any team with cap room and a head coaching vacancy.  Hey!  What do you know?  Calipari is linked to something semi shady!
  • Peter King has the Browns ranked 29th in his preseason power rankings, to no surprise.  This obviously mean nothing and are purely subjective, but for what it’s worth, he had the Saints at 24th going into the 2009 season.
  • And no, I do not believe that Delonte West was having an affair with LeBron’s mother.  That is beyond ridiculous.  Do you think Delonte West would be alive if that were the case?

The Western Conference Finals tip off tonight, and the Tribe is in Tampa Bay for the next two days to take on the Rays.  Let’s see if they can take this momentum and beat the AL East leaders.

I’m back all week, what do you guys want to talk about?

4 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. I am already sick of hearing about the Lebron stuff and speculation, but I was wondering about something I haven’t heard anything about. What do you think the chances are of the Cavs signing another big name (Bosh, Stoudemire) and Lebron exercising his player option for one more year and seeing if the CBA doesn’t get worked out so that the salary cap is higher and his 30% would be larger next year? When he signed his extension in 2006 all you heard about was his “business acumen” that the 3-years would extend him to his seventh year so he could make the 30%. The salary cap tanked and it could be a wise money move to wait a year, assuming they don’t get locked out. Oh, and how is it that Huff and Masterson pitch in the major leagues? Did Shapiro pick them out at a beer league softball tournament?

  2. I wish he’d pick up his player option, but then all of the attention wouldn’t be on him, and poor wittle WeBron wouldn’t have all the attention on him.

    I believe Huff and Masterson played in the same softball league that Eric Byrnes is playing in currently.

  3. Haha, I know of a DH their softball team could pick up from Boston pretty cheap. Although I have absolutely no room to make fun of the Red Sox for their DH, I wish Hafner would get on roids.

  4. You mean *back* on steroids?


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