I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to write recaps about the Indians.  They are just plain bad.  They can’t hit, they suck in the field, and there really isn’t anybody interesting to follow.  So why write about them?  There’s plenty of other things happening in the world of sports and pop culture, so let’s talk about that:

  • The Orlando Magic delayed their inevitable elimination last night, beating the Celtics in Boston 96-92.  Hey, dude who was the Vince Carter lover, PLEASE defend him now, I beg you.  Three points on 1-9 shooting, two boards and two assists.  He’s the most overrated and least clutch “superstar” in history.
  • Who is going to coach the Cavs?  I wouldn’t expect to find out anytime soon.  Who would commit to this franchise with LeBron James’ future unknown?  On a related note, the Chicago Bulls are reportedly interested in bringing Phil Jackson back, who I’ve been on record as saying the Cavs should make a “Godfather” offer to.
  • Tiger Woods is reported to be playing in Jack Nicklaus’ tournament, The Memorial, next week.  This is coming off of a withdrawal at the TPC due to a neck injury.  Staring up at strippers for hours at a time would give you a sore neck, I suppose.
  • The Suns and Lakers face off in Game 4 tonight, and you can only assume Steve Nash will either have his teeth knocked out, or his ear torn off.  I say this because his eye has been busted up, and his nose has been broken so far this postseason.  Also, everybody, can we please stop comparing him to a hockey player?  I mean I know he’s Canadian, but the dude played soccer, not hockey.  So stop talking about his “hockey player philosophy”.
  • LOST concluded it’s sixth and final season Sunday night, and WEWS’s problems coupled with some major disappointment made for a lot of pissed off people.  Check out “What’s Goin’ On” for mine and Tom’s breakdown of the finale.
  • Lil’ Romeo doesn’t play for USC’s basketball team anymore.  Who is Lil’ Romeo?  Master P’s son.  Just because your father got cut from the Hornets doesn’t mean you should be playing D1 ball, Rome.

That’s all for now.  I’ll get more stuff posted this afternoon.  What do you guys want to talk about?

One Response to “Bringin’ Ya Some More Bullets”

  1. Lets talk about this Oil spill that apparently STILL hasnt stopped?! WTF.

    Or maybe we can talk about the President… can anyone tell me what he has done so far? Just wondering since his whole campaign was based on promises and “change”.

    Both more interesting then the Cleveland sports scene right now.

    The Indians just flat out blow and while I will continue to watch b/c I love baseball it is hard to enjoy

    The Cavs… the organization is in absolute shambles. The whole state is being held hostage by a 25 year old. If he would just say he is leaving, we could move on and try to construct some sort of decent roster and move forward hiring a coach OR If he would say he is staying, we could do the same. However, we all know this isnt happening and therfore we wont have a coach or any idea of what this roster will look like until Mid July at the earliest. Cool.

    Anyone else hoping/wishing football would get here already? Personally, I think a 7-9 or 8-8 season for the Browns would be a success and honestly I think it is obtainable. The D will be improved, the offence should be better, and no matter what anyone says delhome IS a substantial upgrade over quinn/anderson… If you dont think so, just go back to watching quinn throw 20 yard outs and 40 yard fly patterns 20 yards OUT OF BOUNDS.

    I feel bad for you bill… cause honestly there aint shit to write about right now.

    P.S. — Vince Carter sucks


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