The NBA Draft is tonight, and the Cavs don’t have a pick.  Some people speculate that the Cavs may purchase a first round pick, but that remains up in the air.  Let’s talk about what’s happening in the sports world.

  • John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s match at Wimbeldon is still going on.  It started yesterday.  It is now Thursday.  Hey, guys…neither of you are winning this tournament, so just flip a coin to determine the winner.  At least people outside your family now know you exist on the pro tennis circuit.
  • Phil Jackson is leaning towards retiring, which doesn’t bode well for the Cavs getting Byron Scott.  Lame.  Only a choch ball retires on top…everybody knows you wear out your welcome and completely tarnish your reputation.
  • The U.S. won their match against Algeria yesterday, with Landon Donovan kicking in the game winning goal in the final minutes.  This is their first win in eight years, and now they’re playing Ghana Saturday.  I have no idea where they stand in the tournament, or why it lasts for a month.  Wait, the NBA playoffs last two months?  At least they play at normal times!
  • Lawrence Taylor was indicted yesterday on the sexual assault of an underage girl.  This is a sad story.  No further comment here.
  • Also, I suck at golf.  No big update there.

I have a post coming up regarding Nastruthomas, and his questions about the circumstances in which he can root for LeBron next year.

Little preview…I don’t agree with him.

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