You may want to sit down for this.

Everyone’s favorite Cavalier of all time has officially joined the Miami Heat.

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No, not the “Lyin’ King” (wish I had thought of that), but Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Reports Brian Windhorst: “The Cavs had an offer for Z on the table. Agent Herb Rudoy says Ilgauskas has chosen to sign with Heat. Z hopes to return & be part of Cavs organization when his career is over.”

Miami is assembling a set of solid role players to surround the “Three Me-Egos” (also wish I was that clever), and they’re proving everyone that it’s not going to be LeBron-Wade-Bosh and nine scrubs.

Z deserves to be on this team.  He has endured arguably the most basketball related adversity of anybody currently in the NBA.  Whether it is the two near career ending foot injuries early in his career to playing in basketball hell (Cleveland, ‘99-‘03), Z has earned the right to put himself on a team that could get him an NBA championship before he retires.

And to show that his heart is still with the Cavs, he hopes to be a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers organization when his career is over.

Z, you are my favorite Cleveland athlete of all time, and I wish you all the best.  If you do end up winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy, make sure you steal LeBron’s ring and throw it in Lake Erie when you come back to Cleveland.

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  1. Mehhh…

    Gonna be awesome watching those two win a ship.


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