I have nothing.  I don’t watch the Tribe anymore, so I’m not going to act like I do.  We’re a week away from OSU football (yipeee!), and two weeks from the NFL regular season.  In other words, not too much is happening.

So I’ve decided to just write about what’s going through my weird mind, sports or not.

Here we go:

  • Fantasy football makes the already uber enjoyable NFL season more uberer enjoyable.  Is that the first time uberer has been written?
  • If I were the Arizona Diamondbacks, I would strongly push for the nickname to be changed from the “D-Backs”.
  • Jim Furyk was disqualified from the Barclays this weekend for missing his tee time at the pro-am.  He said his cell phone died, and his alarm didn’t go off.  I’m sorry, that’s pretty funny.  Except that it is going to keep him from competing for the FedEx Cup.  I always knew iPhones were unreliable.
  • Tiger is officially divorced, and now he’s killing it in the aforementioned Barclays.  And he is the first guy to play well after writing a check for $100 million.
  • Speaking of golf, why can’t I achieve the results I aim for just like, I don’t know, 45% of the time?  I might be the most inconsistent golfer in history.
  • Seriously, I could shoot 37 on the front, and 50 on the back.  Maybe it’s the parabolic effect of drinking while golfing.
  • Do people actually believe there is even a remote chance Colt McCoy gets cut?  If you do, with all do respect, you are an idiot.  You really think Mike Holmgren is going to keep Brett Ratliff over him?
  • Is there anything funnier than calling somebody an idiot?  You’d be hard pressed to find something better.
  • Josh Hamilton is filthy.  How many people could blow $5 million on crack, coke, meth (presumably?), and alcohol, get clean, and become a top three player in the league within three years?
  • It seems as though Ohio State and Michigan will be placed in different divisions within the Big Ten.  This could lead to their annual regular season finale to disappear.  If I were you, I’d be prepared for a lot of articles saying how this is ruining everything.  Oh wait!
  • So Jim Brown doesn’t want to participate in the Browns’ “Ring of Honor” ceremony.  Does anybody really care?  I don’t .

What are your guys’ thoughts?  Leave them in the comments, along with what you’d like to see here at Tribal Pursuit.

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  1. you are an idiot


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