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I love “Hard Knocks” on HBO, and about 95% of what makes that show so great is Rex Ryan.

First of all, his name is Rex, which is just spectacular.  Second, he really doesn’t hold any punches.  He will tell anybody exactly what he thinks about them.

Like D’Angelo Hall.

Hall played for the Raiders when Browns Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan (Rex’s twin brother) was the DC in Oakland.

The last episode of the fantastic show showed a lot of preparation for their preseason game versus the Washington Redskins, for whom Hall plays for now.

After a long run by LaDanian Tomlinson, Sexy Rexy had a few words for Hall.

(Video contains strong language)

Rex Ryan is great.  How effin’ epic would it be if the Browns had Rex as the head coach (probably could’ve had him) and Rob as his DC?

Cleveland would erupt with awesomeness.  I can only imagine what his take on LeBron would’ve been.

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