Are you serious, Browns?  Losing to Tampa Bay?  You guys better win next week, or it could be a looooooong time until you get one in the win column.  Yikes.

Here are my thoughts:

  • That was a pretty sweet falling down, sidearm interception you threw there, Jake Delhomme.  Thanks for playing the mistake free ball in the preseason.
  • However, it was a nice throw to Mohamed Massaquoi in the first quarter.  Sure, it helped that the safety and cornerback literally ran into each other, but still, nice first TD for the Browns.
  • So it’s pretty obvious the Browns coaching staff doesn’t like Jerome Harrison.  He only got nine carries, good for 52 yards.  Sure, the bulk of that came on one run, but I don’t get why he isn’t getting more work.
  • Where was the Wildcat/Cyclone formation we had been hearing so much about?  I know that can’t and won’t be a huge feature installed in the offense, but it would’ve been nice to see.
  • Also, if Jake Delhomme was hurt, why didn’t Mangini put Seneca Wallace in?  Was Delhomme trying to show the team that he’s their leader, and he is tough?  You gotta wonder how much that ankle affected his throws.
  • All in all, the defense looked decent, definitely better than they did in the preseason.  Joe Haden did get beat on that touchdown, however.  Sheldon Brown failed to knock the ball to the ground that led to their other touchdown.
  • Peyton, you can’t put the ball on the ground like that.  If there’s one thing Mangini hates more than Jerome Harrison, it’s anybody else who turns the ball over.
  • Marcus Bernard might be a nice little player in this league.  He had 1 1/2 sacks yesterday, and seemed to be the only one who could really get to Josh Freeman.
  • Is Evan Moore going to be a fantasy option this year?  He was the Browns’ leading receiver, bringing in three balls for 87 yards.
  • The Buccaneers kicker’s name is Connor Barth.  Has there ever been a whiter name? 

Seriously, they HAVE to win next week.  The schedule gets pretty brutal after. 

Problem is, the Chiefs are better than the Bucs, and I don’t seem them winning.

What’s everyone else think?

4 Responses to “Buccaneers 17, Browns 14”

  1. pretty tough when one opposing player outscores your entire fantasy team too. ouch.

  2. craig, we need a possible replacement for for Kolb week two… delhomme or garrard…hell we could start big ben and he’ll post bigger numbers than kolb did…lol whatcha think?

  3. That team looked a lot better when I drafted it. Crist, Kolb got negative points?! Drop D. thomas and pick up Vick. Then drop slaton or brown (prob slaton) and pick up Hillis. Also, why is the commish changing players waiver dates?

  4. dont know, and sorry my phone is off til pay day, but i’ll m ake those moves. thanks for hte message board bill!


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