Yesterday, my dog was trying to get every last morsel of food out of his bowl, and pushed his bowl down the steps and broke it.  Way to go Max.  Onto my thoughts:

  • Does everyone still think the Browns are going to beat the Chiefs?  I’d say it’s a little more unlikely, seeing as though they beat the AFC West favorite San Diego last night on MNF.  Remember when it was a foregone conclusion the Browns would start 2-0?
  • It’s not even Week 2 and Jake Delhomme is getting an MRI on his ankle today.  It wouldn’t be Browns season if we weren’t wondering when the backup is going to see time on the field.
  • Mark Sanchez kind of sucks.  It seems to me everyone forgot he really wasn’t that good last year, either.  And Shonn Greene, you can go eff yourself.  Thanks for nothing.  You too, San Diego’s defense.
  • Can we please stop saying “I’ma take my talents to [insert city]?  I saw freakin’ Audrina Patridge say that on a “Dancing With The Stars” promo last night?  It really sucked the first time I heard it, and it’s even worse at the 5,000th.
  • Speaking of ABC programming, “Bachelor Pad” was actually a good show.  Sure, it’s a (barely) less trashy version of every single VH1 reality show, but it really was entertaining.  I can’t lie, Natalie had me fooled. 
  • The Indians are going to have a “Peanut Aware Zone” for the September 26th game versus the KC Royals.  They are bragging this is the first ever promotion catering to people with peanut allergies.  That’s a great way to get people to the park!  *sarcasm*

What else you guys got for me?  Leave something in the comments, and give me some ideas about what to post.

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