You know what’s really depressing?  No, not the Browns just days away from a shellacking, but that golf season is almost over.  Every fall I say this is the winter that I work on my game, and come out hot in the spring.  Well, this is that winter.  I hope.

  • The geniuses who were in charge of the Cavs’ 2011 team calendar decided to put LeBron on the cover.  Great move there, Cavs.
  • Gilbert Arenas was fined yesterday for faking an injury so a teammate could get more playing time.
  • The Browns traded RB Jerome Harrison to the Eagles for RB Mike Bell.  The trade is pretty inconsequential, but Bell did fill in nicely for Pierre Thomas last year for New Orleans.  So, an injured Peyton Hillis is the number one.  Yikes.
  • Does anybody else think that Evan Longoria looks like Johnny Bananas from “The Real World”?  Because I sure as hell do.
  • Is there anything more frustrating than when your DVR doesn’t record the shows it’s supposed to?  “Weeds” still hasn’t recorded, and that’s on Monday nights.  Don’t worry, I’m sure “Real Housewives” recorded 17 times.
  • Speaking of “Real Housewives”, did anybody see “South Park” last night?  It basically made fun of New Jersey stereotypes, which is pretty much the funniest thing ever.  I try do do it as much as I can.
  • The citizens of South Park, Colorado thought the Jersey thing was so bad, they called upon Al-Qaeda to get them out of their town.

And here is Brett Favre getting hit in the junk with a football at practice yesterday.  One more thing…he attended Hancock High School. 

Can’t make that stuff up.

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  1. Admittedly, I laughed out loud at the Brett Favre video. Considering the ongoing investigations into allegations of his misbehavior, I guess you can say that he was getting a payback for his illicit texts.


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