Five of my starters in my work fantasy league are on a bye this week.  I’m going to have some mayjah roster adjustments.  I’m really hoping my two waiver claims go through.

  • Cliff Lee is quickly becoming the best postseason pitcher in MLB history.  He just decimated the Yankees last night, going eight innings, with 13 K’s, and only one walk.  It’s very disheartening he’s going to be a Yankee next year.
  • The NFL is going to start suspending players for head shots.  Is anybody else really sick of hearing about this?  I swear Mike and Mike talked about it for an hour straight this morning.  I wonder if Brett Favre will be suspended under these new guidelines.
  • Well you had to know this was coming:  teachers are being fired for creepin’ on their students’ Facebook pages.  “This is sexy” is what one teacher allegedly wrote.  Yick.
  • Here’s a tweet from the PD’s Browns beat writer Tony Grossi, and it gives a little hope for Sunday!  “Positive Tuesday tidbit: #Browns face New Orleans Sunday, 3d year in row they faced defending champs. Beat Giants in 08, Steelers in ’09.”  Put your money on them NOW!
  • Watched the “Mad Men” season finale yesterday, and I must say that I was not very impressed.  Do they really think the company is saved with a $250,000 account?  I know they were just happy with breaking the “no new business” streak, but I felt they were WAY too happy about that.
  • Think the Browns will make a trade today?  They need to do something.  Get rid of Shaun Rogers if you can.

Any chance this is real?


3 Responses to “Morning Thoughts”

  1. Brett Favre, HIYO. And that trick shot is at a place in Columbus. I don’t know why you would take the time to carry a basketball goal about 150 yds from the parking lot. Kids these days. If they wanna do something fun these pussies should jump off the other side about 60ft down to the water.

  2. A “basketball goal”? “Kids these days”? You really did get married and get old!!

  3. Haha, well, I didn’t know what else to call the entire basketball setup. Guilty, I guess.


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