You have no idea how much I hate when people say that.  I get a lot of people say it jokingly, but there are a bunch of people who don’t.  You know what other phrase is really annoying?  “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it”.  Please go somewhere and die if you ever say that.

  • Some are wondering if a UFL team could beat the Buffalo Bills in a game.  Sorry, that definitely wouldn’t happen. 
  • It’s official—Colt McCoy is getting his second consecutive start this Sunday in New Orleans.  Like I said yesterday, this comes a surprise to nobody.  Does anybody get a feeling the Browns might pull off the upset?  I think I kind of do.
  • David Stern and the NBA are looking to slash players’ salaries by a third.  I would love to know how he’s gonna get that one past the union.
  • Tennis star Maria Sharapova and Lakers garbage time free throw shooter Sasha Vujacic are engaged.  Good for him.  She probably is sick of hearing about how good Vujacic thinks Kobe is.
  • The “Jersey Shore” finale was on last night, and it was pretty disappointing.  Also, JWOWW is no longer posing for Playboy.  It’s not like she left much to the imagination anyway.
  • Mel Gibson was set to play a tattoo artist in “The Hangover 2”, but his scenes were cut because nobody liked him.  Seriously, that’s why.

What’s everybody else thinking this morning?  “Always Sunny” was a gem again last night, which should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody.

3 Responses to “TGIF!”

  1. I don’t mind the use of TGIF…unless it is said by someone who doesn’t work. I don’t care if you are a stay at home Mom and your job is to take care of your children. Don’t say TGIF if you went to the zoo today or lunched at Panera – that’s more like a Saturday for everyone else.

  2. hahhaa…that’s funny.

  3. Unlike Mon-Thur, I dont feel bad that I give about 50% effort at work on Fridays.


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