It is pretty funny reading about the Miami Heat and listening to what the people are saying on sports talk radio this morning.

Particularly about LeBron James.

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For the past seven years, the people of Cleveland completely ignored the criticisms against LeBron.  You know, stuff like:

  • Offenses completely shut down when LeBron holds the ball at the top of the key.
  • LeBron dominates the ball, and other teammates aren’t involved enough.
  • LeBron is a subpar 3 point shooter.
  • LeBron needs to develop a post game.

Of course, all of these statements are 100% true, but for the most part the majority of Cavs fans basically wrote it off as people hating on LeBron.

This morning that’s all they’re saying.

It’s funny how a dude wearing a different jersey can completely change one’s opinion about him.  I believe that even if he didn’t screw up his image this summer, people would be sharing the same sentiments.

Basically LeBron has turned himself into Jack Parkman from “Major League II”.

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