I might be the only person on the planet who thinks Thanksgiving is the most overrated holiday—food wise, anyway.  I’d rather have Easter or Christmas food any day of the week.  I know GWCS is gonna disagree.

  • Thank you, Phillip Rivers for throwing four touchdowns last night, and none of them to your TE.  I was down about 12 in fantasy going into last night’s game, and my opPonent (that is clever) had both Antonio Gates and Randy McMichael.  Gates couldn’t play, and McMichael did exactly nothing. 
  • After pouting on the sidelines after an injury, throwing his shoulder pads in the stands, and blatantly disrespecting his coach in front of the entire team, Titans owner Bud Adams still wants Vince Young to be the QB of the future.  I thought those kinds of decisions only happened around here?
  • Well next year’s sports landscape could be pretty bare, if both the NFL and NBA players are locked out.  You know what, that really sucks.  Come to an agreement already.  And why aren’t there constant negotiation sessions? 
  • The Heat got blown out by the Pacers last night.  The freakin’ Pacers.  I don’t get it.  This team is way better (on paper) than any of LeBron’s Cavs teams.  And the Cavs would blow out a team like the Pacers.  K-k-k-k-karma kids!
  • A new study shows that dogs might be smarter than cats.  I could’ve told you that.  My own personal research would say that people who have dogs are smarter than people with cats.  At least we’re more sociable.  If you’re a single guy, and you have a cat, chances are you’re a serial killer, and/or a creep.  Except for you Jake!
  • What are these “Oprah’s favorite things”?  I don’t feel like looking into it, so somebody tell me.

What’s everyone doing for the rest of the week?  Non stop drunk fest after work tomorrow?  Through Christmas? 

2 Responses to “A.M. Thoughts”

  1. Hells No… Thanksgiving is GREAT dude. Give me a plate with Turkey, ham, potatoes, corn/beans, stuffing, and some gravy… mix that shit all together and im in heaven. Not to mention, due to the fact that my wife is part Italian I get to eat stuffed shells and her grandmothers homemade sauce (which takes like a couple days to make). Add to that all the pumkin, apple, and cherry pie you can eat along with all the other deserts. And thats just the food. The whole day is basically just me stuffing my face, drinking (start with Beer… usually the C-mas ale, then switch to wine with dinner #2, and then the shots of Crown) and watching football, while hanging out with the fam… whats better then that?

    As for the Heat… I love it. But I have to disagree that the heats roster is better then the Cavaliers roster of last year. I mean is that Heat roster really good? Sure, Wade (dude is FRAIL) is a superstars and Bosh (albeit uber soft) is a good player but after that who the hell do they have?

    Arroyo, Chalmers, House??? Give me Mo, Boobie, West, and Parker over them.

    Z, Magloire, Howard, Jones??? Give me Andy, Z (a yr younger), Jamison, Powe, and JJ all day.

    I just find it hilarious that their offense looks like the Cavs except maybe worse. Karma is a bia LeQuit Lames.

    Lastly, in response to your bullet #5… I think you forgot an obvious answer to “If you’re a single guy and have a cat”. It rymes with hay and Bay…

  2. Drinking, followed by over-eating, followed by nap, then followed by more drinking.


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