The following was emailed to me around lunchtime today.  This is how commenter Guy With Common Sense would run the Browns this offseason. 

Here ya go.

Cut/Let go via FA:

QB Delhome

RB Bell

WR Stuckey

TE Royal

OL St Clair

DT Rodgers

DE Smith

LB Barton

LB Jackson

LB Maiava

FA signings:

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – Has relationship with Holmgren and is a definite upgrade over Delhome. 

Darren Sproles (SD) – Great complement to Hillis and 2nd option if Hardesty can’t stay on the field.

(James Jones (GB) – If you cannot make the Steve Smith Trade)

Tyson Clabo (ATL) – We have to fix the right side of the OL.

Champ Bailey (DEN) – Highly unlikely but I’d bet he leaves Denver since they are in re-building mode. If this happens, you can cut Wright.

Haruki Nakamura (BAL) – Just cause

Fill-in LBs and DE


(1) #6 – WR – AJ Green

(2) #37 – DE – Cameron Heywood

(3) & (4) – Use one in Smith trade and take Best available LB/CB/DE with the other

(5) – (7) – Best available DL/S/LB

Trade For:

Steve Smith (CAR) – Carlton Mitchell & a 4th round pick (3rd if you have too). Fair deal for an aging WR who doesn’t want to be in CAR

Depth Chart;

QB – McCoy / Hasselbeck / Wallace OR a late draft pick

RB – Hillis / Sproles / Hardesty

FB – Vickers

WR – Smith OR (James Jones) / Green / Mo Mass / Robiskie / Cribbs

TE – Watson / Moore / FA

LT – Thomas

LG – Steinbach

C – Mack

RG – Womack / Lauvao

RT – Clabo / Pashos

(Providing we keep the 3-4)

DE – Coleman / FA or Draft

NT – Rubin / FA or Draft

DE – Heywood / Schaefering

OLB – Roth / Benard / Bowens / Trusnik / FA or Draft

ILB – Fujita / Gocong / FA or Draft (2)

CB – Haden / Brown / Wright / Adams / FA or Draft

S – Ward / Elam / Sorensen / Nakamura / FA or Draft

8 Responses to “GWCS’s Plan For The Browns”

  1. my god this is well done. what a fantasy guru that GWCS is!

    …serioiusly though, its good

    …Ruke Dawg is not gonna be a real dawg. like ever.

  2. any chance you could write your first local post ever, and cite this quote from the Elyria/Lakewood game…

    “That’s the game,” Lakewood coach Phil Argento said. “He who spurts the most and spurts last, usually wins. In a game that’s up-tempo, both of us were trying to push, you don’t get back (on defense) a couple times, you turn it over, and bam, bam, bam. The difference in the first half was five field goals and those were layups.”

    the innuendo here is amazing/disgusting

  3. No comment on this William?

    I tried to keep it plausable… dont see Heywood being there at #37 with his bowl performance and I also dont see Champ comming here. We arent going to land S. Rice, V. Jackson, or S. Holmes but the two WRs i mentioned are possible IMO. Jones may want to prove he’s more then a #3 wr and he has Jennings and Finley to compete with in GB… he’d be instant #1 here.

  4. I’m not sure about Hasselbeck…why not go Colt/Wallace/late rounder? He’s in his mid 30s with back problems. I get he’s smart and has a relationship with Holmgren, but I don’t know if it’s really necessary.

    Obviously I’m up for ANY upgrade at WR, especially a young upgrade. Do you honestly think Steve Smith would want to come here, even if he doesn’t really have a say in the matter if he’s traded? Dude has attitude problems, clearly.

    I would LOVE Sproles here, but when do we get a look at Hardesty.

    I would also LOVE Heyward. Dude is a monster.

    I’d love Champ, but just as the Broncos are, the Browns are in a rebuild mode, like you said he probably wouldn’t want to come here.

  5. IF Wallace stays then I guess im fine with McCoy, Wallace, Late rounder at qb.

    Agreed Smith is a headcase but I like him and he is a tough go get the rock type WR. I think he’s just tired of CAR and I think he still has a few solid years left. Again, this is just the opinion of a dude sitting behing a desk. I do really like James Jones though. This all could be moot if we draft AJ Green… but its tough to rely on a rookie WR to step in from day 1 and be the man.

    I honestly dont think this team is THAT far away from being pretty good and if things fall into place they could (COULD) compete for a wild card next year. Look at Tb, StL, KC, etc… its possible. The schedule is much much easier in 2011 with (Jacksoville/Tenn/Miami/STL/Seattle/SF/Arizona/Oak/Indy/Houston) as thier non-division games. If we can have another draft on par with the last one and McCoy doesnt poop himself, then things are looking up.

    I know I sound like “Cleveland Fan” … always looking for Next Year. But seriously (and sadly), IMO the Browns are the closest Cleveland team to being good. Cavs? pffff Tribe? pffff. See what im saying?

  6. I agree with the projected QB lineup but, there is a need for a mentor and solid backup (dude at his age is pretty good) to McCoy.

    Sproles? Love the guy. NOT their first option to sign. Like prior posts, bring in Smith, Jones or Rice. Holmes WILL NOT come to Cleveland. I hope I eat my words with him but, Smith = JUNK. Holmes might schitz out again. I prefer Mo Ma, GREEN, and Cribbs in the slot or Robiske (kid isn’t bad). Cribbs needs to grow and learn more to develop into a receiver and it is about time.

    As for D, DE DE DE DE DE and give us a solid LB core. With Fujita and Gocong (Barton is out), we need a Clay Mathews draft pick. PERIOD. DE would be sweet if we can get the Heywood but, i think we should stack the back and sign a FA DE.

    As for the playoffs in the future? I am a Cubs fan too so, I can wait

  7. hey! the cavaliers scored 105 against the raptors!

    /gave up 120 hrrm

  8. The browns absolutly need aj green to help there offense but I like the idea of bringing in a veteran so they don’t need to really on him when he is a rookie. Comeron Heyward is a beast and could really help the browns defense. They need some stability on the right side of the line. They are only a few players away from being a really good team.


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