My DirecTV DVR is broken, and it sucks.  Besides a sporting event, how long has it been since you watched something live?  It’s effing brutal. 

  • I hope you guys are ready for some pun-ny headlines—Andrew Luck is returning to Stanford.  You could say that Stanford is getting very LUCKy!  Or that Carolina is very unLUCKY!  Or that headline writers have fallen into some LUCK today.  Hey, that was an easy bullet point!
  • He wants to stay so he can get his degree in architectural design.  When I was in eighth grade, I wanted to be an architect.  Until I got to geometry in ninth grade and sucked at it. 
  • Geometry was an honors class in ninth grade, so the grade was weighted.  When I thought I was gonna fail, I remember telling my mother “well, Mom, it’s on a five point scale so an F is really like a D”.  That didn’t go over as well as I thought it was going to.
  • My alma mater, Miami University, beat Middle Tennessee State 35-21 in the Bowl.  Their nine game turnaround is the biggest swing in FBS history.  Unfortunately, not even that fact can get me remotely interested in this team.
  • Daniel Gibson won’t be making the West Coast trip, Anderson Varejao sprained his ankle in practice, Leon Powe is out, and Anthony Parker is questionable.  Speaking of historic (un?)turnarounds, what’s the record for disparity between wins in one season?  Someone look that up.  I don’t feel like doing it.
  • The Browns are interviewing Pat Shurmur today, St. Louis’ offensive coordinator.  Just so you know, they ranked 26th offensively in 2010.  That’s encouraging.

Here’s a video of my favorite Cleveland Brown ever, Eric Metcalf.  This is University of Texas’ Heisman hype video for him. 

4 Responses to “A.M. Thoughts”

  1. i think it was the spurs the year between duncan, they had the biggest win to loss ever then got duncan and beat their own record for losses to wins, when they got robinson, i’d have to look this up though…

  2. Since its friday I looked and it was the Spurs. 1995-96 they were 59-23 and the next year they were 20-62. That means the Cavs will have to win 22 games this year to tie that mark. That is a stretch. I think the Celtics just beat the biggest loss to win mark a couple years ago, 42 I think.

  3. just chedked dont know if its the record but heres how teh spurs fared:

    88-89 21 wins
    89-90 56 wins…increase of 35 (they got Robinson)

    95-96 59 wins
    96-97 20 wins…decreased 39 (Robinson only played 6 games)
    97-98 56 wins…increase of 36 (Drafted Duncan after best tank job by a franchise. Any sport. Ever.

  4. nvm, bulls went from 62 to 13 wins year they lost MJ, thats 49 deficit for you math whizzes.

    can you tell im not busy today?


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