3 Responses to “Why?”

  1. how does it feel big ben?!?!HOW DOES IT FEEEEEEELL?
    the other side of the coin so to speak

  2. OK, hot tip, bet on the steelers to win.

    my karmic corollary is in full effect, and heres why:
    1 the saints strength and conditioning coach gave my fantasy football commissioner a “hot tip” about pierre thomas starting in week sixteen which prompted him to switch thomas jones out (AFTER his game started) thus causing the saints to get beaten by a sub five hundred team when they were favorites.

    2. that same commissioner’s favorite team is the bears. you saw what happened to them yesterday…

    3. this is a stretch but whatever. teh packers were aware of favre’s behaviors (had to be) and theat aint right. so they’ll lose. sorry i don’t have any personal affect to this, other than my grandma’s favorite team was pittsburgh and also they are the best franchise in all of sports. plus they get to play another great fan base in green bay, on quite possibly the largest platform in the universe being Dallas Stadium. Steel City by 14. count it.

  3. yeah that’s not a hot tip at all.


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