A common question that comes up whenever there is a historically bad professional team is whether or not the best college team in that corresponding sport could beat that crap pro team.

Contrary to what a lot of stupid people think, that answer is always no.

However, GWCS emailed me the question in the headline last week, and here is what he thinks:

You know I don’t think any college team can bet a pro team…. But what about Lebron + OSU v the Cavs?

Sullinger is as good and probably better then Hollins & Samuels right now.  Buford will get drafted and isn’t a huge downgrade from Gee or Harris.  Diebler definitely has NBA range but I don’t think could guard anyone.

Lighty will be an NBA player and is known for his D.

Sessions would hoop on Craft.

Obviously Lebron goes off…

PG – Sessions  /  Lighty  – I think Lighty would do a better job than Craft

SG – Harris  /  Diebler

SF –  Eyenga  /  Buford

PF – Jamison  /  Lebron  – might score 50

C -  Hickson  /  Sullinger

What does everyone else think about this?  Obviously this includes the injuries to both Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao.

So the question remains…could OSU with LeBron James beat the Cleveland Cavaliers as they stand right now?

2 Responses to “Could OSU+LeBron Beat The Cavs?”

  1. No comments? Ya’ll suck!!

    OSU+LeBron poops on this Cavs team. Someone give me a good reason why they wouldnt.

  2. cant. duh. of course, lebron and some seventh graders could beat them as bad as i would beat some seventh graders


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