…At this damn temperature outside.  This is just unseemly.  I usually don’t mind the cold all that much, but this is particularly uncomfortable.  Not to mention the puppy won’t stay outside for more than three seconds.  ANNOYED.

  • Cavs lost.
  • If they lose again Friday night, which they will, they will set the record for the longest losing streak in the history of professional sports.  But don’t worry, Leon Powe hopes to make his return!
  • The Browns pretty much cut their entire defensive line yesterday.  Those of us hoping to get A.J. Green in the first round of April’s NFL Draft shouldn’t get our hopes up.  Hello Nick Fairley!
  • Carmelo Anthony is going to the Nets.  Just kidding, the Knicks.  Never mind, the Lakers are in the mix now.  Wait a sec, I hear the Rockets are a wild card!  Anywhere but staying in Denver, right?  Oh, wait.
  • Bengals QB Carson Palmer has put his house up for sale in the Cincinnati area.  People close to him have said that he will absolutely retire if the Bengals don’t trade him.  I guess working with T.O. and Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson was worse than we even thought it could be.
  • The talks between the players union and the owners have been canceled today because the sides are so far apart.  That seems pretty backwards to me.  You’re so far apart that actually meeting can’t help?  How do you move forward if you aren’t communicating?
  • At it’s peak during the Super Bowl, there were 4,064 tweets per second.  I wonder how many of them were Jose Canseco saying nobody can hit a softball farther than him.
  • Seriously, have you seen this dude on Twitter?  He says he can hit a softball like 600 feet, and he’s developing some super softball bat.  This guy is nuts.

I have no idea what made me think of this, but does anybody else remember the computer game Phantasmagoria?  I remember playing this as a kid and being scared out of my mind. 

One Response to “Like Byron Scott, I’m Mad As Hell…”

  1. What? That trailer makes no sense. Obviously I’ve never played this “game”, but what the hell man. Creepy as it can get.


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