You drive by Family Video this morning and their sign says “WE HAVE THEM PS3 MOVE GAMES”.  Ugh.  I guess the grammar of that sign accurately reflects how a lot of people talk here.

  • The Cavs play the Lakers tonight, and the last time the two teams met the Cavs lost by 55 points.  We can pretty much bank on it not being as bad this time, right?  Yeah…I wouldn’t bet on it either.
  • GWCS works in Tower City (at Piercing Pagoda), and he was behind Lamar Odom and Luke Walton in line at the food court.  I told him that he should say something to them, and then we’d all hang out or something.  He said that they’re “nothing but tall ass millionaires”.  If he just would’ve said something about how the Cavs suck they totally would’ve invited him and a friend (me) to go out on the town and do sweet stuff.  But he just haaaas to be a sourpuss.
  • Rumor has it that the Cardinals’ latest offer to Albert Pujols is 8 years and over $200 million.  Pujols won’t negotiate during the season, and he is set to report to camp tomorrow.  I don’t get why players won’t negotiate during the season.  It’s not like they’re at the negotiating table.
  • Colt McCoy and his father have signed a book deal, and the book will be about of the McCoys’ views on faith, competition and success.  Sounds boring.
  • This could be the super duper ultra secret famous recipe of Coca-Cola.  I would much rather prefer the recipe for Mountain Dew.  Or Cherry Dr. Pepper.  Or Bud Light.
  • Ohio State won last night, rebounding from that big loss to Wisconson.  I find myself liking OSU basketball much more than football.

Last night Dwyane Wade threw a 90 foot alley oop to LeBron.  Yawwwwn.  He didn’t even dunk!  Just kidding, that’s impressive as hell.

4 Responses to “You Know You’re In Elyria When…”

  1. At leas “them” wasnt dem.

    Piercing Pagoda?? Really??? So your’re saying I drive from Elyria to Cleveland everyday to work at Piercing Pagoda? hahahaha.

    Anyway, I have no reason to make a huge dork out of myself and attempt to engage into a conversation with Lamar Odom & Luke Walton. They were just trying to get some lunch and it really isnt uncommon to see proffesional athletes in Tower City b/c most of them stay at the Ritz. To be honest there are very few athletes whos autograph I would actually like to have and lets just say those two arent on that list.

    Maybe I should have asked Odom why he’s with the ugly Kardasian sister or I could have asked Walton if he puts it in the air with his pops. I dont think I need to tell them that the Cavs suck… im pretty sure the whole universe already knows this.

  2. Hey, everyone knows the Tower City Piercing Pagoda is waayyyy nicer than Midway!

    I guess she was the only Kardashian left. To his credit, she seems like she’s the coolest.

  3. I bet u would of fit right in blowing a stick with Luke and talking shit with Lamar.
    I would of stood behind them and talked about how sweet the Heat look this year.

  4. cherry dr pepper = grenadine and dr pepper, ya idiot!


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