You know that stupid saying that old people always say?  “Think you know the weather in Ohio?  Then wait ten minutes!  HAR HAR HAR HAR!”.  I hate that it’s true.  You’ve probably heard it at work today.  Old people love saying lame stuff like that.

  • Carmelo Anthony got traded to the Knicks.  Just like he wanted.  Cue up the people saying on the interwebs that the “inmates are running the asylum”. 
  • I’m sick of people saying that this is what the Cavs should’ve done with LeBron last year.  SHUT UP.  The Cavs thought they had a team that could win the whole damn thing THAT YEAR.  It would’ve been idiotic to move him.  Sure it was a huge gamble, and it didn’t payoff, but it was a risk they had to take.  So stop saying this people.
  • Hank Steinbrenner said that maybe some of the Yankees were “too busy building mansions” and celebrated the ‘09 World Series championship too long.  Hey, Derek Jeter is building a mansion!  He’s totally calling him out!  I guess that’s why they gave him that $51 million contract.
  • If you ask me, Girl Scout cookies are very overrated.  Maybe it’s because I’m not really into sweets.  But some people live and die by these freakin’ Thin Mints.  You know who doesn’t agree with me about my assessment of the snack?  This lady.
  • "B****, your pancakes look fine to me!"

Does this weather have you down a bit?  I’m with ya.  This video cheered me up though.

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