Last night the Cavs traded Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the Clippers for Baron Davis and the Clippers’ #1 pick in this summer’s draft.

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The good news about this trade is that the pick isn’t protected, meaning the Cavs will most likely have two top ten picks in the draft.

Second, Baron Davis definitely doesn’t want to play for the Cavs, so he’ll give as little effort as possible.  Yes, that’s a good thing.  If the Cavs finish with the worst record in the league for the next two years (entirely possible), they would have a top four pick in the next two drafts guaranteed.  Look at how that has benefitted Oklahoma City.

Also, this trade definitely makes the Clippers worse.  When Baron Davis wants to play, he’s much better than Mo.  He at least kind of wanted to play for the Clippers, and that coupled with Blake Griffin made them somewhat of a respectable team.  The worse the Clippers are 100% benefits the Cavs, as their pick will just move towards the top of the draft.

As for the title of this post…seriously this dude was ridiculous in that game.  He had the “3” icon along with the “High Flyer” icon, meaning he could dunk on anyone and hit every three.  He was pretty much unstoppable.

What do you guys think of the trade?

3 Responses to “Cavs Trade For Best Player In NBA Live 2005”

  1. If you would have told me yesterday that we would get a 1st round pick in the draft AND Baron Davis for Mo and Jamario I would of laughed at you. It seems the higher ups in the clippers org were having a bit too much fun with the ESPN trade machine. seriously, I put in sasha pavlovic in for OJ mayo straight up a couple years ago and it went through. That thing is junk, the complete opposite of this trade. Doubt Baron will stay long, maybe moved today, who cares. REBUILDING

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